Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) has been nurturing and promoting contemporary dance culture in Jerusalem since 2002. Our mission is to establish a supportive infrastructure for artists to develop and share new works, while also providing platforms for interactions between Jerusalem’s dance community and the public at large. MASH produces a diverse array of cultural events throughout the year including: performances, workshops, master classes, festivals, and outdoor events, and is one of six dance centers officially recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. 

A further MASH objective is to contribute to the branding of Jerusalem as a young and vibrant cultural hub with a dynamic, cutting-edge arts scene. In order to do so, MASH offers a program called the Jerusalem Exchange, which enables international collaboration through Jerusalem-based events that showcase acclaimed artists from abroad alongside emerging local talent, students, and special guests. MASH serves dozens of Jerusalem artists and dance groups, managed by secular, religious, and ultra-Orthodox artists, each year. 

In addition its projects here in Israel, MASH offers several international events and opportunities from the annual International Dance Week to an International Festival for Children and Youth Dance Concerts in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry. MASH also creates co-productions and working relationships with fellow creators around the world. Throughout the year, MASH runs children’s performances, community and social projects, and hosts artists, creators, and dance directors from Israel and around the world.

The MASH studio and performance spaces at the former Rav Chen Cinema serve as a dance incubator for dozens of independent artists, helping to nurture local artistic activity at both the production and performance levels, and bringing stimulating, ground-breaking work to the professional stage. MASH also operates as a training framework for artists at the start of their careers, facilitating the creative process and, ultimately, producing performances at professional venues.

MASH is located at 3 HaParsa Street, Talpiot at the former Rav Chen Cinema, which is currently undergoing renovations, under the direction of the Jerusalem Municipality, to be completed in the summer of 2020. MASH additionally hosts events in a variety of venues in Jerusalem, across Israel, and around the world.

MASH operates within the framework of the Machol Shalem Association.

Our programs include:

Jerusalem International Dance Week: a weeklong festival which encompasses:

Showcase for Independent Israeli Dance Artists; International Choreography Competition; MASH Festival presenting original productions 

Dance Series: featuring Jerusalem-based artists, students, and veteran artists from Israel and abroad

House Productions for adults and for the whole family

Israeli Showcase for young audiences

Social Projects involving various diverse Jerusalem populations

Artists’ Exchange and Residency Programs

Performing Arts Hub: an incubator that bridges the gap between educational and cultural institutions and help graduates to become independent artists

Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Women’s Dance Platform

HaParsa- Interdisciplinary Arts Center

A one of a kind center for performing arts in Israel that will be the new home for Jerusalem cultural organizations, Hazira, Machol Shalem Dance House, and Between Heaven and Earth. HaParsa is located along the railway trail in the former multi-story cinema complex above the Rami Levy supermarket. 


This initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Eden Company, and the assistance of Rami Levy, is a milestone in the urban development of Talpiot. The 2,000 square foot center is in the middle of renovations, which will transform the seven movie theaters into a combination of performance halls and studios that will become a home for cultural activities. In the center of the compound, there will be a public space that will be designed like a patio with a transparent, high ceiling and a snack bar. This area will serve as a common lobby space for the wealth of artistic, social, and cultural activities that will take place in the complex.


HaParsa invites diverse audiences to enjoy fresh, innovative, and vibrant content in the fields of theater, dance, performance, music, and visual arts for the benefit of all art lovers in the city. The center aims to engage with multicultural populations across the city, providing a variety of spaces including rehearsal rooms, equipped performance halls, dressing rooms, libraries, and conference rooms. The space will gradually develop to meet environmentally friendly standards. The three initiating organizations, both individually and in collaboration, will offer artistic residency programs and a wide-range of production projects to take place throughout the year that will host Jerusalemites, artists from across the country, and abroad. 

Our Spaces

Hall 3: 140 square meter dance floor, light-colored floor, white walls with black curtains, air-conditioning, spaces to sit, modulars of 80-90 people, fixed projector, advanced sound and lighting system. 

Hall 4: 120-140 square meter dance floor (total of 182 sqm in the hall), approximately 180 seats on sloping floors, air conditioning, light-colored floor with possibility of laying black linoleum, gray walls with optional black curtains, fixd projector, and advanced lighting and sound systems.  The studio is designed primarily for Jerusalem artists to rehearse, perform showings, give workshops and other activities in addition to international residency programs that can be scheduled by email: shalemstudio@gmail.com.

You can rehearse on Fridays until the start of Shabbat and on Saturdays, motzei Shabbat.

The MASH Team

Ofra Idel
Ruby Edelman
Yael Iddan
Eiv Kristal
Sarit Cohen
Gabby Foster