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Epiphany is a video-art in which the body, nature and metaphors form a visual, sound and poetic story.
Our artists are shamans, sorcerers, healers, alchemists, contemporary researchers of the cities, using the wisdom and power of the body manage to expand the states of consciousness, elevate the spirit. May he look back upon us and expand the richness of our existence.
A tribute to the teachers Juan Carlos Linares, Carolina Avendaño and Karl Bertelsen in dedication to the philosopher and writer Jonuel Brigue.

Management, concept and executive production: Gabriel Torres Morandi
Performers: Juan Carlos Linares, Carolina Avendaño , Karl Bertelsen
Special guests: Laudis Gabriela Rangel Villarreal Raquel Ramos Carrillo, Maria ines Dugarte and Ognan Cordoba
Assistant: Gabriel La cruz
Direction of Photography and Camera: Gerard Uzcategui, John Marquez and Gabriel La Cruz
Chamber Assistant: Gabriel La Cruz
Editing: Manuela Planas, Dayana Gauthier
Art Counseling: Manuela Planas
Sound montage: Lino Ocando
Scenery: Angel Suarez (Gulli)
Clothing and Props: Charita Corrales
Sound: Esteban Lema, Jorge Espinoza - Internal Look
Safety and Stage Assistance: Angels Araque
Gaffer: Angel Suarez (Gulli)
Original music: Alex Catona
Poster design: Gerard Uzcategui
Production Coordination: Carolina Riveros Fassano
Production assistance: Manuel Calderón.


Gabriel Torres Morandi, Italy/ Venezuela

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