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26.3.24 יום שלישי
Hall 3


Anat Grigorio, Micha l Herman


The meaning Mitbarberot in Hebrew - "To get lost along the way", turning in several ways

without reaching the goal.

"...And throw away with the cymbals of the sea all their sins."(Micah 7:19)

It's time to toss and throw away. Shake off. Because enough is enough.

We choose to separate, to discard previous works, thoughts, personas, the performative, the expected, the unexpected, the connections, the effort, the ambition, the image, the object, the subject, the body, the body-to-body, the breath, the effort, the rest. What's left? Perhaps just the projection itself. Within episodes of indulgence, we allow ourselves to fantasize, surrender, be swans, give up and reinvent ourselves clinging to each other and our fragile islands of loss.

Choreography and Performance: Anat Grigorio, Micha l Herman

Music: Filiae Maestea Jerusalem, RV638: II. SileantZephyri - Antonio Vivaldi, Perfect Day - Lou Read. Porque te vas? -Jose Louis Parales – Jeanette.

Lighting: Amir Castro

Thanks to: Dr Erez Maayan Shalev, Anat Catz, Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology, and the Arts.

Premiered at Intimadance Festival 2021

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