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28.9 | 21:00


By Annabelle Dvir

Welcome again pleasure and pain, conscious and id, submission and the illusion of control. Our ritual is a nonlinear time, reality, reverie. Futuristic mythological chronologies reassemble the DNA chain encoded in us before. The act of hallucination deconstructs from our androginous circus of powers, between the scream and ode, the woman and the beast; the witch arrives; the demon survives. We are three weman bodies in a paradox, on a journey with the knowledge and experience burned into our flesh, in the face of a new femme fantasy world.

Choreography; Text; Vocal Composition & Soundtrack Design | Annabelle Dvir

Creative Performers | Layil Goren, Dana Naim - Hafouta / Noa Shaveh, Annabelle Dvir

Music | Jefferson Airplane; Claude Debussy; The Rolling Stones; Led Zeppelin; Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles; Birdman - Antonio Sanchez

Fantasy Chest | Ilia Feldshtain, Noa Elran, Annabelle Dvir, Gili Godiano

Body Image and Makeup | Annabelle Dvir, Arava Assaf

Light Design | Rotem Elroy, Annabelle Dvir

Artistic consultation | Dana Ruttenberg, Oded Graf

*The work contains graphic language, partial nudity and flashing lights.

F I C T I O N S premiered in the frame of Curtain Up Festival Israel 2021 | developed and supported by the first collaboration between Quartier Am Hafen - Interdisciplinary Creative Art Center in Cologne, Germany and Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv, Israel - through the support of The Office of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia of Economy, Science, Education, Youth and Culture in Israel | Enjoyed The Yasmeen Godder Company - Artist in Residence Program 2022 | The Israeli Choreographers Association | and The School of Movement and Dance - The Ness Ziona Center for Culture & Recreation.

In 2022 Showcased on various platforms both in Israel and abroad: Croatia; Denmark; Germany; Italy and Spain.

F I C T I O N S emanates from the ongoing physical-vocal practice, language, and technique developed in Annabelle Dvir’s full-length stage work 7INCH OF SLAM – THE FULL BODY SOUNDSCAPE, which upholds the tensions between perception and sensation, the embodiment of live sound and the visual shape of a live soundscape:  7INCH//VIMEO.COM

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