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26.6 | 20:30

Rooming- in

Ma'ayan Choresh

“One’s autonomy in society can be measured by what happens around the moment of birth and

pregnancy and the women's ability to choose.”  (Dr. Michelle Odett physician/researcher)

In “Rooming-in” I return to my experience of giving birth.

The physical and mental imprints that are left in my body expresses themselves in a new way,

through text and movement, reminding us that the body is also/always a political site a place of


Artistic adviser: Binyamin Yom-tov and Michal Samama

Text editing: Michal Samama

Rehearsal Manger: Efrat Levy

Light design: Amir Castro

Costume design: Eran Shani

Sound design: Daniel Magon and Ma'ayan Choresh

Special thanks to Daphna Horenczyk, Ewa Szubstarska, Sharona Florshaim, Maya Brinner and Daniel


The work was produced thanks to the support of Mifhal Hapais and Shapira community center (Tel Aviv Municipality).

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ביות מלא

Pic by: Daniel Pakes

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