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13.3 | 20:00

The Dance

Rotem Weissman and Naama Manor.

Four performers: an actress, a musician, a choreographer, and a dancer, come together in moments of loss and discovery. Dancing on the delicate seam between losing and getting lost. The creation is based on three songs written in the Villanelle structure. A structure characterized by meticulous recurrence. The confined space that the songs describe, contrasted with the urge to dive into abysses, comes together on stage into a celebratory and tempting autonomy. “The dance” by Israeli poet Dory Manor. "One Art" by American poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979). "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914-1953).

Creators: Rotem Weissman and Naama Manor.

Performers and collaborators: Roi Becker, Raz Mantell, Rotem Weissman and Naama Manor.

Original music: Roi Becker.

Light design: Oded Komemi.

Production: Shahar Sarit Sharashov.

Residency: Arava Community Center.

Premiere: Habait Theater, Israel, 2023.

The work is supported by the Israeli lottery council.

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Photo: Eli Calacuda

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