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7.9 | 19:30


By Roni Sagi

Victoria is a stage celebration of movement, form, and color, featuring three dancers adorned in

puffy crinoline skirts crafted from vibrant African fabrics. These skirts take on a life of their own,

mysterious entities gradually revealing their manifold facets as they gracefully move through space.

Interestingly, when detached from the dancers, these skirts embody a superhuman ideal, one that

the performers ultimately break free from during the performance.

Throughout the show, the dancers establish unique connections with the skirts they wear and with

their fellow performers on stage, navigating the myriad possibilities inherent in these flowing

garments. Are the skirts mere utilities for them? Do they serve as external objects or even form part

of the dancers' self-definition? It's a captivating exploration of the skirts' potential—whether they offer

assistance or pose challenges to the dancers, adding depth and intrigue to the enthralling


Choreography and Costume Design: Roni Sagi

Dancers: Ben-Oved Berkovich, Nadi Yoel, Roni Sagi

Music Design and Original Music: Netta Spiegel

Dramaturgy and Rehearsal Director: Shirly Barbie

Production: Sigal Dahan

Lighting Design: Lior Levin

Videography: Daniel Pakes

50 Minutes

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