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15.2 | 20:30


By the "Body of the Story" dance playback ensemble

The show is for women. 

The "Body of the Story" dance playback ensemble presents: "Kamim" - an interactive expressive dance show, with the participation of the audience. In the show, your stories get a body and become a theatrical dance piece on the spot. Come see how materials from your life come alive on stage. 

Audience entry: 20:00

 Show start: 20:30

 Direction and artistic management: Tali Zorenberg. 

Musical accompaniment: Erga Kuttler.

Dancers: Giti Forges, Naomi Shapir, Shira Bazarno, Dana Cohen, Odalia Sade, Katia Ofir, Dekla Sapir, Atalia Zahavi, Shir Shmueli and Tali Zorenberg.

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Pic by: Maya Chadash

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