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No, Zeitgeist

by Danielle Shoufra

As an artist and choreographer, Danielle Shoufra operates at the intersection of sculpture,

sound, and choreography, blurring the boundaries between these disciplines. Lives and

creates between Israel and Berlin.

Memory Archive - Bat Yam

We sought to create an intimate connection with the city of Bat Yam, using personal

memories of women who immigrated to the city as a lens through which to view the urban

space. Rather than presenting a linear, homogeneous history, the piece aims to showcase

the present-day experiences of multiple local women narrators. The project is a part of

"Suggestions for the City" a collaboration between the artists and MoBY museum and the

Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam.

Dancers:Gal Levinson, Yuval Finkelshtein.

Testimonies by:Marina Goldman, Elizabeta Tarnovsky, Bruria Carmeli, Inna

Shnaidman, Hana (Ben Aziz) Wulpert, Shula Benbenishty, Sarah Benhafid, Sarah


No, Zeitgeist

In times of war and pain, one sees the collapse of fictitious solidarity and witnesses the

decay of compassion.

From the powers of construction and demolition, we use one another to gain strength and

through the power of the ensemble, we celebrate the body and mutuality. It is this spirit of

mutual support and resilience that lies at the heart of "No, Zeitgeist, a performance piece

created for the International Performance Conference and the Saint Petersburg festival.

Drawing on the imagery of monumental structures and Social Realism art, the work takes

these familiar forms and reimagines them in a local context, deconstructing and

reconstructing them in new and unexpected ways.

Dancers: Meshi Olinky, Natalie Afriat, Maayan Horesh, Efrat Levi.

Rehearsal Manager: Reut Gez Wang

Music: Cardi B - Bodak Yellow, F

olkbeat - Beyond the River, Fanny Kaplan - Smeh

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לא, ברוח התקופה

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