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08.02.23 | 20:00


By Eva Elkayam

A woman looks back and remembers the stages of her life. Each phase brings

new challenges and awakens many feelings. What changes? What remains?

Each phase of life brings its own beauty, disappointment and friction within the

dynamic reality of the continuum of life. Continuum is an initiation and

integration story about women. How can they find their place within the group

and yet not lose their individuality? Each age brings with it a rite of passage

upon the continuum of life.

Choreography: Eva Elkayam

Joined Company: Zanet Porat, Esther Buess, Amy Gelbart, Alina Burah, Hila Binyamin, Racheli Buyum and Hilit Shazar Taguri.


“Hora,” composer unknown.

Balanescu Quartet: Life and Death

Manu Chao: Clandestino

Pomme: La Lavande

Lior Shoov: Changing with the Seasons

Balanescu Quartet: The Young Conscript and the Moon

Régis BAILLET – DIAPHANE Création musicale: The Roots

Lior Shoov: Voyage

Joined is an intergenerational dance company with women between the ages

18 and 77. The company was established by Eva Elkayam in 2021.

The earnings from the tickets are a contribution to the funding of the project.

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