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17.4 | 20:00

Woman Legs, Lonesome Secrets

Sofia Gendelman | Shani Arzi

Daddy Long-Legs

A short dance theater piece for four performers and a trumpeter that relies on a domestic setting and lighting in the atmosphere of a horror movie, at the same time as a humorous narrative.

The work describes the secret life of spiders, through the novel story of one spider who represents the lost fathers of the world. The piece gives a glimpse into the experience of longing for a figure that does not exist, or is not present in life, from its own angle, touches on social and personal father complexes, and ironically touches on our endless longing to create meaningful connections within a capitalist world.

Choreography and direction: Sofia Gendelman

Performers: Shira Solomons, Yehuda Dromi, Michal Shemi, Gadi Avidan, Sofia Gendelman

Trumpet: Gadi Avidan

Set and costumes: Sofia Gendelman

Woman on the verge of her man's breakdown

Performance work that explores in the technical sense the construction of a solo through working with different and diverse bodies in the studio space, and the transfer of the choreographic content that was built in advance for the original body of a partner dancer/non-dancer, to the body of the choreographer - who eventually becomes the "non-dancer" who performs. In terms of content, the work establishes relationships from zero, talking throughout about the male object of the woman. The physical study and theatrical gestures are performed as a mental dedication to the mythical man. The life cycle of physical labor ends in reality. In the death of the beloved man who has no future, who for the first time was desired as a physical, existing, achievable object. The death of male dysfunction signifies a move on. designates physical function in the mature life of reality.

Creator: Shani Arazy

Music: Michael Edwards

Artistic accompaniment: Edo Feder

Editing and managing rehearsals: Nitzan Shafran

Partner dancers: Aviv Keshet, Bar Altaras, Gal Shoham, Sofia Gandelman, Mika Tzur, Nitzan Shafran, Ella Altaras, Kaya Vinci

Fields and Secrets

In the solo the stage is filled with branches. A naked forest in which the dance of secrets of peripheral childhood takes place. A journey of torture and pleasure, exploring extremes, and changing states of consciousness. Between disconnection and full control I take a trip. Amidst the youthful revelations of the body and what it can do, in part of the time she is under a spell and in another part she struggles with self-existence. Growing up is domestication.

Choreography and performance: Sofia Gendelman

Costume: Sofia Gendelman

Breeds: Dor Shaul

Performances, music and artistic advice: Gali Kaner

External eye: Anat Vaadia

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A woman's legs, lonely secrets

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