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22.2 | 21:00

Men talk

Preformative men circle

Men open up to ask questions about life - an improvisational performance with movement, word and music.

A powerful stage ceremony in which the male discourse is deployed as an open heart surgery in front of the audience with the tools of theater and dance based on improvisation and the vibration of the present. life in real time, in front of the audience, from the bustling heart and the communication between the performers and the musician.

Situations in which our masculinity is measured and shaped are brought into the spotlight, and re-examined: sexuality, parenting, social conformism, livelihood, spirituality and what surrounds them…

The group of actors-dancers was gathered out of the personal need of each member to restore the "masculine circle" or belonging to the "band The hunters" in his life. The show turns to the collective subconscious and together with the audience creates a common and courageous space, an therapeutic encounter with archetypal infrastructures that shape our souls, both men and women.

Creative Actors - Amnon Berry, Zohar Karniel, Yuval Goldstein, Omer Dalumi, Eli Alperovitz, Rubik Osovsky, Roman Kuyifman

Musician - Eyal Friedman

Lighting - Erez Macbey

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.גברים מדברים

Pic by Lior Man

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