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14.8 | 20:30

.Oh My Electric Eye

Dana Naim Hafouta

We arrived here shaken. Born this way, you might say. Living within an existential and internal shake that are formed and embodied in the dancing body over and over again. Internal shake and quiver that are re-validated collectively during the last year. From the viewing point of these experiences, I created Oh My Electric Eye, a sci-fi fantasy for three dancers-angels that describes the finite experience that rests within the existential quiver.

We seek grip in a torn and shaken, reversed celestial landscape that lies to our feet. Our bodies are trapped in a dizzying dance, on the verge of falling into black holes that hide in between the stars beneath us. The name of the piece reveals an inner wish: we ask to be located and stabilized by finding an outside facilitator, an electric eye that can track us and re-affirm our grip in the space. The stars become our electric eyes. We pick them from the fallen skies and appropriate them to our bodies. We are not only stabilized for them, but win a magical cyborg entity that glorifies our presence, without alienating the inner quiver, but acknowledging it: It’s here for the better and the worst.

Choreography and stage concept: Dana Naim Hafouta

Dancers: Shahar Hanin, Tav Zfania, Dana Naim Hafouta

Musical editor: Or Taragan

Costumes and styling: Shelly Bormad

Graphics: Micky Matalon, Mootag Studio

Photography and Filming: Yoav Trifman, Ido Cohen

The piece was development in the Residency Program of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, in collaboration with the Choreograpers Association. Part 2 of the Duo-logy will premiered in From Jaffa To Agripas Festival.


.Oh My Electric Eye

Yoav Trifman

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