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9.7 | 20:00

The Movement Before | Hand 2 Hand

Noga dance group

The show is for women. 

The Movement Before | Keren Horesh Begun

The piece raises the question of how much we are pushed to our actions, and to the movement of our life as a response to the environment, and to what extent the source of our action and movement stems from the distilled and internal desire of the open heart.

Can we move freely or do we stop ourselves in the extensions of our hearts, with our own hands?

The extreme changes we are required to make cause us to be optimistic, and lighthearted. Just as the butterfly's life changes radically from a caterpillar to a cacoon, and finally to a butterfly that skips lightly and happily on the "stairs of the wind" in the air.

Courageously we will meet at the peak of fear and skip to the next change with great joy with reason to celebrate.

Facing each other, with each other, we will continue the movement.

Original music: Itai Dalomi

Costume design: Rosie Canaan

Creative dancers: Moria Horowitz, Ashira Allon, Bracha Miriam Lindao, Hila Rosenberg, Peri Friedman, Raaya Horovitz, Michal Shaltiel, Hila Cohen

Hand 2 Hand | Shlomit Fundaminsky

Big Hand Little Hand by Shlomit Fundaminsky

Adaptation from solo

A group of women stands and waits. The air inside them, changes and shapes their world. Their age, the landscape, their house, will be built and broken down through a physical and mental state of waiting. Who are they waiting for? And why?

The piece examines movement that originates from variations on waiting, the element of time is central.  The movement language separates the body into its various organs, each of which functions as part of a time machine. A ticking mechanism that becomes emotion, an image, a setting and a story.

Noga Dance Company, winner of the Minister of Education's award for Jewish Culture in 2017, was founded in 2009. The company performs in central theaters, peripheral communities, religious education institutions, and in a variety of festivals throughout the country. Since its founding, the company has received exposure in both the national and local media, and numerous enthusiastic reviews.

Original music: Noam Halper

Dancers: Bracha Miriam Liniado, Ashira Allon, Michal Shaltiel, Hila Rosenberg, Peri Friedman, Moria Horowitz, Raaya Horovitz


Hand 2 Hand | התנועה שלפני

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