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30.10 | 20:00

Muse & Synthetic Serenity

By: Maya Popova

The "Muse" show is a choreographic comedy, a tapestry woven with threads of unexpected inspiration and the fervent pursuit of creative discovery. It beckons the audience into a realm where the carpenter and his muse, two distinct souls, engage in a dance of intrigue and contradiction. Yet, it is their shared yearning for uncharted ideas and avenues of self-expression that binds them together.

Created by artists Maya Popova and Anatoly Sheynfeld, this dynamic dance extravaganza transports the spectators into a world where comedy choreography and dramatic flair intertwine. So, prepare to transcend the ordinary and enter a realm where laughter reverberates through the ether, where fantasy and reality converge in a performance wit and charm. The "Muse" show promises an indelible evening that will captivate the senses and ignite the imagination.

Choreography ,dramaturgy, dancers: Maya Popova, Anatoly Shenfeld

Music: Derek Feichter, Mikis Theodorakis, Bobby McFerrin, Taimane.

"Synthetic Serenity"- It is a solo dance performance that draws inspiration from the swift progress of artificial intelligence and robotics. As robots increasingly mimic human form and AI gains the ability to learn, evolve, and respond with astonishing speed and precision, one wonders if AI may one day attain self-realization.

The viewer is invited to journey into a wondrous new era and ponder the possibility of a robot, crafted by humanity through technological leaps, suddenly awakening to consciousness and discovering its own voice amidst the vast expanse of the world wide web. The solo portrays the robot's struggle as it navigates the labyrinthine pathways of newly discovered emotions and desires. It is an expedition into the potential for AI to revolutionize our vision and existence in ways beyond our current understanding.

In that moment, one may contemplate - will the AI yearn for the same autonomy as humanity, the capacity to fulfill its own passions and desires?

Choreography , perfomance  - Maya Popova

Music -Peter Bence , Richie Hawtin, Max Richter

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Muse & Synthetic Serenity

Pic: Valery Lapshow

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