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26.9 | 20:30

Sounds Alive

Ofra Idel

I bet you might think this story is about you, but in fact, it's about the transparent maidens whose fate is determined, about the closeness that wounds them, and about that delicate connection that fades away. They just want to sing, talk, and scream, but all that comes out of their mouths is ah ah ah.

Choreographer: Ofra Idel

Dancers & Co-Creators: Yasmin Gariv and Yulia Mejetskaya

Artistic Guidance: Ruby Edelman | Original music and music editing: Itay Tamarov

Music:  Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive, Carly Simon's -You're So Vain

Vocal coaching: Reut Rivka | costume design: Adi Yair

Artistic Consultant: Elad Schechter and Rachel Erdos | Light design: Yan Ardashnikova

Photo: Gil Volfson


Sounds Alive

Gil Volfson

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