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30.05.23 | 21:00

The Space

Shared  Evening by the creators- Tav Zfania, Amir May-Tal and Sofia Krantz.

Where OM^I ?

From a sense of being for a long time, in a known space all by yourself, you start to notice some new sounds. The sound of the clock ticking, the nighboars passing in the hall and whispers from your window. Some of them, completely present in this space and some may only be present in your mind. Come and go, the street noises passing their way from the outside to the inside. You are staying in a space, clear from any existence that is also and at the same time, completely flooded from it.

In its own way, the anxiety starts to build up, you are half present in this moment and half imagining it. Something in the basic need, to control the anxiety, the choking or the small trembling that comes with it, may create the opposite reaction.

With a similarity to a drowning situation, which physical and emotional reactions we automatically tend to trigger, and what eventually we have to do in order to be pulled out to a safe haven?

Does sometimes we have to do everything that we shouldn’t do, in order to find out what we need to do, again?

Choreography & Performance: Tav Zfania

Music: Amir Rimer

Music editing: Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky

Endurance test

Sometimes you need to “turn off” your emotion, be in a logical state of mind and just do, because everything is overwhelming. Count the amount of repetitions for each exercise, remember the weights and just work, until you can barely stand on your feet. Because, if you are physically tired there is a slim chance you will feel, so you can at least delay it for just another moment.

The solo examines notions of strength, endurance and exhaustion, through repetitive movement sequences, that change according to different physical challenges. The level of difficulty increases, until you run out of energy. And then, how do you continue? With will power? Or maybe this is all you know?

The piece premiered during the 2018 edition of the Jerusalem International Dance Week of MASH. The piece was invited to perform at different festivals in Singapore, Armenia and Turkey.

Choreography and performance: Amir May-Tal

Music: Brian Eno- Flint march

Artistic mentor: Ofra Idel


Valentina Tereshkova, the first cosmonaut in space on behalf of Communist Russia in 1963 and orbited the Earth 48 times . Valentinas story of the first woman who did not gain much fame and in my opinion she deserves to be a star. I sample pieces of history and play with duplications of text and movement and revive forgotten moments. I bring the character in an aesthetic that characterizes the period with monochromatic colors, physical and vocal unison. The piece was created with the support of Mehul Shalem in 2018, since it was re-adapted in 2020 and became a shortened duet

And in 2022 it was renewed as a duet with the support of Beit Yael.

Choreography: Sofia Krantz

Dancers: Sofia krantz , Elinor fuchs mizrachi

Music: Asaf James Bar-On

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The Space

Photo: Hanna Tayeb

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