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2280 Pints! is an hour-long, bucket-filled adventure for all ages that was created in celebration of choreographer Neta Pulvermacher’s 25 years of creating dances in the United States. Known for “finding the extraordinary within the ordinary” (Backstage, 2009), Pulvermacher has long engaged audiences in unexpected ways through her choreography and programmatic initiatives. In this latest work, that has been seen in Israel, her cast of 15 dancers inhabits a whimsical playing field of 57 white, 5-gallon buckets, immersing themselves in an exploration of joy and imagination. 2280 Pints! includes original compositions by Grammy award-winning, hip hop violinist, Miri Ben-Ari. “In May of 2010, while in Israel with 11 of my dance students from the University of Florida, I became deeply interested in Joy, not in a stupid kind of joy, if there is such a thing, but in the deep sense of the emotion and in a state of being fully alive and awake. Perhaps it is the ever-impending threat of violence and war that I sensed while in Israel that made me want to grab on to the simple joyous moments of life and celebrate our shared humanity” (Neta Pulvermacher). Neta continues: "Back in the US, I was inspired by a visual art installation called "Rain Rains" in a retrospective of Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander at the New Museum in NYC. In this work, leaky buckets were hung from the ceiling of the museum, dripping water into metal buckets arranged below. Walking through the buckets, I heard the sound of drip-drop you hear at the very end of a rainstorm. This simple yet playful installation conveyed a sense of joy and mischief that tickled my imagination. When I returned to Gainesville, Florida, where I am a professor at the University of Florida, I took my 25 students and my company’s dancers on a field trip to Walmart. We picked up as many buckets as we could carry, returned to the studio, and set off on making a dance. Minutes after we placed the buckets out on the dance floor, the studio’s ceiling sprung a leak. The janitor was all of a sudden so happy to have dancers (and buckets) around, and we knew right then that we were onto something.” The resulting bucket madness is our new work, 2280 Pints!, a series of free spirited and dynamic episodes where 57 white, plastic, five-gallon buckets get their equal share of stage time while transcending their typical functionality in a myriad of ways to create a constantly shifting “bucket world.” 2280 Pints! is a fantastic show that is suitable for ages 3 and above.

2280 Pints

by Neta Pulvermacher

2280 ליטרים

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