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Ramengar returns to the stage, featuring musicians Yael and Eran Horwitz
Ten dancers and musicians will rock the stage in selected scenes from the work PUERTAS I TEMBLOR.

An evening of Flamenco Foro in solo pieces, musical pieces, and pieces by the whole company, interspersed with performances by Yael and Eran Horowitz from their new recordings.
Length of the performance: 60 minutes

Dancers: Keren Pesach, Yonit Mod​an, ​O​shr​a​t Klein, Keren schnur, Noi ​L​achman
Guitar and Arrangements: Il​ai​ Burla / Percussion: Yuval Kaufman
Voice: Yael Horwitz and Yehuda shveiky / Bass: Eran Horwitz
Artistic and Musical Management: ​Avner Pesach / Costumes: Nensi kahimker
​ Stage Manager: ​ ​E​frat ​M​ersik

The audience is invited to treat themselves to tapas and mojitos after the show.
The Ramengar Company has been operating out of the HaParsa Complex since 2020.


REMANGAR Flamenco Company

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