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Accessibility statement

An entire dance center operates and promotes the issue of accessibility.
We see all our customers as equal rights, entitled to enjoy full accessibility to all facilities and services of the complex. We work to make the auditoriums, the building and all the service stations accessible in order to allow all our visitors a good and accessible experience accompanied by sensitive and equal service.

Arrangements for accessibility to the theater:

Shalem Dance is located at 3 Hapersa Street, Jerusalem.

The theater complex is located on the third floor of a best-selling mall - Rami Levy + Talpiot. For the benefit of the spectators, it is possible to reach the complex via an accessible elevator through the main entrance to the mall from Hapersa Street, Hauman Street Junction


The following are the arrangements for accessibility to an entire dance theater:

  • The entrance to the halls of a dance center is accessible to people with mobility difficulties.

  • The accessible entrances to the hall are through the main entrance floor of the mall.

  • On the way to the complex and the halls, there are wide elevators that meet the accessibility standard and allow easy access to the entrances of the halls.

  • Near the main entrance of the complex there are disabled parking spaces.

  • The halls have reserved seats for people who move around in wheelchairs.

  • Accessible toilet cubicle There are fully accessible and fully equipped toilet cubicles. One cell in the women's toilets and a second cell in the men's toilets located further down the corridor to the left of Hall 3.

  • For people who use guide dogs, it is recommended to coordinate your arrival in advance up to two days before the show, in order to allocate you and the dog a comfortable and designated place by phone: 053-3358210.

  • The signage in the horseshoe compound is accessible and adapted as required.

Fund services for people with disabilities:

The complex has a dedicated and accessible counter that provides prompt services to people with disabilities.


Purchase tickets:

Our reservation center is accessible to people with hearing impairments, and is without background music.

  You can order tickets by phone: 053-3358210 or by e-mail

You can also order tickets through the website.
For people with speech difficulties, you can also write to us on the Contact Us page on the site

Website accessibility

The theater's website is currently in the process of being accessible, which will eventually allow surfing in a friendly and full manner, even for users with sensory or motor disabilities.

Details of the accessibility coordinator

The accessibility coordinator of the Shalem Dance Center is the association's director general, Ruby Edelman.

You can contact him with any question or request regarding the accessibility of the complex and / or the website by the following means:

Name: Robbie Edelman

Mobile: 053-3358210


The accessibility statement was updated on 18/07/2021

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