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20.6 | 20:30

Naked Truth

By Yaniv Hoffman

An exciting and ever more relevant dance show, corresponding with the situation and the era, about Israeli society and what happened to it and especially to the women in it
"A little before six in the morning,  Soon the sky will burn and the ground will drop from under our feet.Soon the last year or two or five years of intoxication and power,division and factionalism will drain away,  Soon our hearts will break,  Then we will unite again, and fight. Soon we will discover the "Naked Truth".

Artistic director and choreography: Yaniv Hoffman

Artistic Consulting: Dorit Hoffman

Production Management:  Hila hadad

Costume design and Sewing: Lali Ben Porat, Miri Rog

Social media and cast Management: Maayan Berger

Rehearsal Management : Etai Peri

Dancers: Alex Skakun, Sharon Fainaro, Tom Zohar, Ariel Bhalker, Maayan Berger,

Maya segall, Yarin Yosef, Hodaya Miro, Shaked Torgeman, Tal Melman,

Nitzan naim, Noy Ohana, Tom ekstein

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Naked Truth

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