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29.05.23 | 20:30

Missing Faces

By Iris Erez

In the Covid era, we’ve become accustomed to communicating through digital media based on images of heads and faces with a likeness to ancient busts. Disruptions happen often, separating sound from image, deteriorating our sense of wholeness. Hybrid situations cause time lapses. Within this reality, we ask what is happening to our sense of being and our longing for eternity? How does it affect our relationships and our human communication?

Choreography: Iris Erez
Dancers/Co-creators: Michal Arad, Ruth Valensi, Iris Erez
Music: Gai Sherf
Light Design and Artistic advice: Noa Elran
Costume Design: Rosie Canaan
Production: Sigal Dahan

The digital version of the piece premiered as an original production at Machol Shalem Dance Week 2020

Thanks to Maya Weinberg, Anat Shamgar, Eran Melkman, Elad Vazana and Merchav Kaden.

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