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10.8 | 20:30


By the choreographer Ido Gidron

Klila in Hebrew refers to the feeling of unity, being united. Klila tells the story

of a mother, father and son, through different illustrative situations, that are

facing their causes of being/not being a united family.

Choreography and Concept : Ido Gidron

Dancers / Collaborators : Dorit Talpaz, Shmuel Halfon

Rehearsal Director : Melanie Berson

Light Design : Amir Castro

Camera : Ellie Polyrock Haddad

Production: Naomi Kats, Shir Mizrahi

International Relations Manager : Katherina vasiliadis

Music : Tom Waits, Luke Howard, Ido Gidron, John Bennet, Goldmund, Meir

Ariel, Muun, Hania Rani, Clement Janequin

The work has received support from the Israeli art foundation - Hapais,

BIkurei Haitim Dance Program, the choreographic centre Kelim, Kamp"i - the

Jerusalem Performance Community, Bar-Kaima Institution,Inbal Theater and

IGDance Projects. Special thanks to Studio Naim Ramat Gan.

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