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8.11 | 20:00


Ofra Idel

They are trying to dismantle their defense mechanisms.

Striving to break the loop.

To empty and fill the reservoir of emotional resources.

We will succumb to their despair and merge with their aloneness and togetherness, accompanied on the way by filters that comfort and technology that confounds.

For the first time, we present a hybrid duet that combines virtual reality using VR glasses and a live show.

An intimate duet that takes place inside a bubble, in which a couple lives who try and try.

Choreographer: Ofra Idel

Dancers & Co-Creators: Itamar Galina, Mezhetskaya Yulia

VR director and Artistic Guidance: Ruby Edelman

VR filming, editing and after effects: Itay Ben Yosef

Original music and music editing: Itay Tamarov

Music: Canon in D by J. Pachelbel, כפרה עליך by Shori

Artistic Consultant: Rachel Erdos

Costumes: Yasmin steinmetz

Photo: Shaked Zirman

MASH Dance House Production

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Pic by: Itay Ben Yosef

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