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08.03.22 | 09:00-11:00

Workshop on the Axis Syllabus approach and Feldenkrais Method with Ruth Valensi

Limited number of places in a single and one-time workshop | Practice hosts Ruth Valensi.

About the workshop:

The class is a contemporary dance class that focuses on the body's basic functions such as crawling, rolling, walking, running, and moving in space. We will explore these patterns in efficient, simple, functional, and comfortable ways for the body, while seeking to expand the range of motion, perfect the body, and strengthen the technique. The lesson is conducted in an atmosphere of inquiry and research through a sequence of exercises and improvisation.

The lesson is guided by the Axis Syllabus approach and the Feldenkrais Method.

Participation is by pre-registration only. The cost of the class is 90 NIS.
For more details and registration - Tamar 054-974-7145

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סדנה בגישת האקסיס סילבוס ושיטת פלדנקרייז עם רות ולנסי

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