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9.8 | 20:30

Ascending the Mountain

A dance performance by Anat Vadia

Ascending the Mountain' is an immersive experience that intertwines movement, sound, and installation, brought to life by Anat Vaadia and Gali Kaner.

At it’s core, the performance delves into the portrayal of woman, capturing her essence in diverse life circumstances, emotions, desires, anxieties, fears, and needs, acting as tangible material within her grasp.

The inspiration behind this work originates from ritualistic and movement-based practices.These actions aim to penetrate deeper into realms of existence, unearthing a primal inner layer and unlocking the potential to liberate oneself from the monotony of everyday life, societal constraints, and ingrained habits. The ultimate purpose of this transformative experience is to provoke profound contemplation on the boundless possibilities of freedom and unrestrained self-expression.

Choreography and Performance: Anat Vaadia

Live music, set design & build: Gali Kaner

Assistance in building statues: Mor Afgin and Ofer Laufer

Costume design: Rosie Nektor

The work premiered at the Kelim Festival 2023

The work is supported by the pais foundation.

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Ascending the Mountain

Photo: Yaira Meoyhus

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