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Dance festival for children Chol Hamoed Pesach

Dance festival for the whole family. Chol HaMoed Pesach April 18-20th

Includes events adapted for children on the autistic spectrum.

Machol Shalem Dance House presents a dance and performance festival for children of all ages and families, with performances accessible to those on the autistic spectrum. The festival provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of movement, dance, video, and performance, all taking place in MASH's new theater spaces. Guests will enjoy a high-caliber, multi-sensory experience at an affordable price. The events will feature new and original works by Israeli artists and a performance by a guest artist from Bulgaria.

The festival is a continuation of a project supported by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Lottery Council for Art Culture, which aims to make dance performances accessible to children on the autistic spectrum in Jerusalem and we invite all families to take part in events and celebrate with us during Pesach.

Ticket buyers for the accessible shows will be sent a performance preparation document for the children. 

For the full program:

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פסטיבל מחול לילדים- חול המועד פסח

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