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23.8 | 20:30

There Were Times | Energy Conversation

By Yasmin Griv, Itamar Galina and Yulia Mezchakia.

There Were Times\Yasmin Gariv and Itamar Galina

Once Upon a Time" is a work that deals with memory and nostalgia. The feeling that arises in the heart when we hear that song we once loved. The sounds that were once the soundtrack of our lives are now a sweet consolation. They bring up that inner pleasant smile and the delightful groove. As the years go by, it becomes more emotional, more familiar, more homely, and tastier. How can we let the music take us on a journey back in time and feel everything again, anew?

Musician: Shahar Galina

Video Artist: Yael Cabiri

Rehearsal Managemer: Melanie Berson

Artistic advisor: Oryan Yohanan

Face Painting in the Video: Blake Siedel

Music: Up theme song- Married life
"I'm Old Fashioned"- Chet Baker
"Smile"- Madeleine Peyroux

Pre-premier: 25th August 2022, Inbal Theatre, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Energy Conversation

Solo work that examines the source of our constant movement. What helps us to be in motion. What is the basic reason for movement and how the aesthetics of movement and body change under the influence of time and fatigue.
The work was inspired by the dance of the Dervishes, which is a controlled rotation dance in a circle. Sufi teachings were characterized by a deep analysis of the smallest movements of the human soul, the hidden motives of his actions, as well as attention to personal experience. During the dance, the dervish is filled with love, leaves his ego and reaches spiritual perfection. But what happens at this moment to the body under the influence of time and under the condition of loss of control?

The work deals with the questions: How does movement itself produce movement, and where within it is our desire as human beings? By understanding and gradually breaking down the movement into its components, do we gain "wholeness" and enlightenment, or do we bring ourselves to self-exhaustion and stop?

Choreography and performance | Yulia Mezhetskaya

Original soundtrack | Itay Tamarov
Costume | Adi Yair
Photos | Igor Farberov

The work is supported by Machol Shalem Dance House Jerusalem, Israel and Derida Dance Center Sofia, Bulgaria as a part of Jerusalem Exchange program with the help of the Israel Embassy in Bulgaria.
Additional Gratitude to Practice Creation Group Jerusalem.

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פעם היו זמנים | Energy Co

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