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30.03.22 | 21:00


A multi-sensory journey to the end of the world and back. A shaky encounter between beings and unusual scenarios that shatter the boundaries of augmented reality. A thick, colorful fog slides off the stage and slowly covers the viewer. Overwhelming and seducing you, yes you! Release all inhibitions and merge into a boundless surge of consciousness.

Performance: Yael Sofer Samson, Danielle Lamensdorf, Tzipi Nir, Tzvika Iskias

Rehearsal and performance management: Gabby  Foster

Light design: Dani Fishof

Costumes: Yasmin Steinmetz

Recordings: Lior Pinsky, Amir Meir

Photos: Gil Volfson

Sound design: Lior Pinsky

Music: Andrew Deutsch – loops over land - track 01

Beethoven - Symphony No 9 in D minor, op. 125. Karajan · Berliner Philharmoniker Alvin Lucier - Sferics

Thomas Brinkman - Work

Eyal Golan-  Collage

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תועפות- סדרת מחול 2022

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