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10.05.22 | 20:30

פקרוני | فكروني | Fakarouni

Fakarouni is a dance of passion, a temperamental ritual revealing the intimate connection between the temporal body and enduring love, set to a live recording of singer and musician Umm Kulthum, the "voice of a nation".

Orly Portal's first choreography for male dancers is accompanied by the voice of the Lady who made her way in a man's world to become a cultural icon, a source of inspiration for freedom and proud female expression liberated from patriarchal dictation.

The female voice is heard as the dancer joins the Star of the East in a timeless duet, one recorded many years ago and one live on stage, accompanying the men who in turn embrace Portal's unique dance language. The culture of the pelvic movement as a social movement is open to the tradition and folklore that each and every one brings with them, the ingathering of the exiles both authentic and up-to-date. Gender boundaries blur as ancient power games are explored in depth forming a new definition of authoritarian masculinity and breakthrough femininity.

A contemporary virtuoso cabaret dance that glorifies the ceremonial movement of the dancing body in a fascinating display of the myth of passion and the liberty to shine both as a man and as a woman.

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فكروني  - סדרת מחול 2022 | Fakarouni | פקרוני

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