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23.8 | 19:00


By Itay Axelred

“INDIGO” is a trilogy-in-the-making by choreographer Etay Axelroad. This trilogy aspires to portray three milestones in an international journey that follows a unifying thread of physicality, costumes and sound, in which every milestone must be materialized in order to initiate the next one. In “INDIGO 1&2” Axelroad will present the first two works – CASUS (Sweden, 2021) and LED (Israel, 2022) – before proceeding to create the third and final work. CASUS, a short experimental film for seven dancers created as part of the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, explores themes such as tension, loneliness, change, conflict, fear and freedom through the intersection of the two mediums of dance and video. The name of the first work in the trilogy echoes its being the ‘case’ for the future to happen but also the coincidences in it.

CASUS was created by Axelroad in collaboration with the performing dancers Janine Koertge, Amanda Åkesson, Zach Enquist, Valerija Kuzmica, Christoph Von Reidemann, Rachel McNamee, Yasmin Mahmoud; Original music and sound design by Anna Lann performed by musicians Yuki Tashiro (violin), David Bukovinszky (cello), and Ami Oike (viola); Camera and post production by Pablo Matias.

In LED, a solo work created and performed by Axelroad, the trilogy moves from the screen to the stage and from the collective to the personal. The second piece is an intimate study about coming to terms with a multifaceted identity through the confrontation with the ‘Self’ and through an in-depth artistic and choreographic study that goes through different styles and multiple influences. LED was created and performed by Axelroad; Original music and sound design by Gidon Shocken; Costume design by Nitzan Sarig; Production by Ori Kroll; Rehearsal management by Shaked Werner.

Duration: 60 mins

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 אינדיגו 1&2

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