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03.03.22 | 21:00

You Look Like The Last Audience On Earth

"You Look Like The Last Audience On Earth" raises questions about the relevance and necessity of making art, while celebrating the passion and love for dance.

 The work was created during the global pandemic in 2020 and consists of 10 chapters, each looking at the dancing body from a different angle. The outcomes are two special and different products: a 45-minute video version, and a 60-minute live version including the guest performance of 16 dance students. Yossi and Oded continue to explore the performer/audience relationship and what it means to be human – to love, to be excited, to fail, to fight, to dream, to long, to belong, and to be estranged.

Concept & Choreography: Yossi Berg & Oded Graf
Creating performers: Ofri Mantell, Tal Adler Arieli, Oded Graf, Yossi Berg
Guest performance: Students of The Danceworkshop Gaaton
Artistic Adviser: Rachel Erdos
Costumes: Ilanit Shamia  
Lights: Ofer Laufer 
Musical advice & editing: Tomer Rosenthal
The work was supported by: Rabinovich Foundation, Tel Aviv Municipality, The Ministry of Culture and is an original production of MASH Dance House, Jerusalem

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