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Etai’s Castle by Rachel Erdos A child’s room is the center of their universe… Etai’s Castle invites the audience to come meet Etai in his room. Together with a new friend Amit, the audience will discover a whole world within the four walls of Etai’s room. Inside a castle made of colorful lights, the characters explore their idea of a room, home and family, exchanging stories about who lives in their house, the food they eat, and their fantasies. Using movement, song, text and humor, the performers bring the notion of home to life. Accompanied by a soundtrack composed of songs by Arik Einstein, the piece creates a bridge between fantasy and reality, a path children are experts at walking. Direction and choreography: Rachel Erdos In collaboration with Tomer Giat and Ori Lenkinski Performers: Tomer Giat and Ori Lenkinski Music: Arik Einstein, Robert Fleck, Idina Kim Menzel, Kristen Anderson-Lopez / Robert Lopez, Alan Menken, Howard Elliott Ashman, Samuel E. Wright. Set design: Ilia Feld Production: Tali Koningsberg International Relations: Katarina Vasiliadis Photos: Efrat Mazor Produced with the assistance of the Department of the Arts,Culture Department, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Tel Aviv Arts. Etai’s Castle is an original production commissioned by MASH Dance House , Jerusalem Suitable for ages 5 to 10

Itai's Palace

by Rachel Erdos

הארמון של איתי

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