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Jerusalem International Choreography Competition 2023


MASH Dance House cordially invites you to apply to the 9th annual Jerusalem International Choreography Competition, which will take place in December 6th-7th, 2023. The semi-finals will be on the evening of the 6th and the finals will be on the evening of the 7th of December 2023. 

MASH is seeking original works that challenge the boundaries of choreography, as a moving-body-oriented performing discipline.


The Jerusalem International Choreography Competition is held during Jerusalem Dance Week, which is attended by large audiences, as well as international dance professionals and festival organizers.

2022 Jerusalem International dance week trailer:  

The application:

Thanks for Applying!


  • Only professional artists, above 18 years of age, may participate.

  • The organizers reserve the right to use all footage generated by the event, and will retain all materials submitted, including works not selected, for their historical archives. Further, the organization has the right to use any and all photographs taken during the event. Local, regional, and national television channels may film the event for promotional/informational purposes only.

  • A committee will assess and select the pieces that it deems appropriate, from the videos submitted. Applications must be submitted by: July 1, 2023, at 20:00 Israel time. 
    Only those applicants who are selected will be contacted.

  • The videos must be presented in their entirety, including lighting and costumes, or as a recording test. The choreography performed during the competition must be identical to that shown on the video. No substantial changes are permitted (including casting changes).

  • MASH is not responsible for the validity of copyright of choreography or music presented at the competition.

  • In the case of foreign (not Israel-based) participants, MASH will supply  accommodations and €100 per-diem per performer. This year, accommodations will either begin on Monday December 4th or Tuesday,  December 5th, depending on the rehearsal schedule, which will be announced after the works have been selected. All selected artists will be provided accommodations through Friday December 8th.

  • Participants are responsible for obtaining entry visas to Israel, if necessary.

  • A choreographer may submit only one work.

  • Any situation that may arise which is not covered by these rules will be resolved by the Organizing Committee. Agreement to participate in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.

Please note that applying to the competition includes a registration fee of €15 (60 nis). The payment page will appear after submitting the registration form.

Applicants who do not also pay the registration fee will not be evaluated for acceptance by the Artistic Committee.

For additional information:


The MASH team



Maximum length of work – 15 minutes

Maximum number of performers – 4


1st Prize: €3,500

2nd Prize: €2,500

3rd Prize: €1,500

MASH prize: €500


Participants from outside of Israel will be granted per diem funds for food and local transportation of €100 per participant.

There will also be a basic fee of €250 to each invited work.

(Artists who win one of the awards will not receive this fee).

Candidates must submit the completed online application form by July 1, 2023.

  • A complete application includes payment of the registration fee.

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