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Monday | 18.4.22
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Small World

Inbal Aloni, Rosie Canaan

Small World by Inbal Aloni and Rosie Canaan Dance performance for children that includes video. The work explored the range of movement that could take place in the confines of one’s home. 

'Small World' reveals how typical actions performed within the house have the ability to move between the literal and the figurative. The desire is to broaden awareness and refresh the perspective we have on our very familiar home spaces and to transform the home into a playground. 

The piece aims to raise curiosity in the things that we experience most of the day on auto-drive. 

By and performed by: Rosie Canaan and Inbal Aloni 

Set and costume designer: Rosie Canaan and Inbal Aloni 

Cinematographer: Elad Debbie 

Editor: Gal Katzir 

Musician: Ziv Cartginer 

Suitable for ages 3 and above

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