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Wednesday | 20.4.22
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 Petar Todorov, Desislava Mincheva | Bulgaria

A production for infants and children ages 0 to 4 years old, and for children with psychological challenges up to 12 years old. 

Created by Petar Todorov, Desislava Mincheva- Pro Rodopi Art Centre Consultant Zdravka Yaneva MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist Art design by Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova Choreography by Galina Borisova Music by Desislava Mincheva Musical pedagogues Petya Kuchmova, Petya Dimanova, Ivan Pichurov, Elko Deliev Costume design ‘Gooshtera’ Atelier Performed by Desislava Mincheva Directed and Produced by Petar Todorov Duration 35 minutes Created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria, Smolyan Municipality, Art Office Foundation, and Pro Rodopi Foundation Award for Desislava Mincheva and Petar Todorov at ‘Magic Curtain’ International Theatre Festival, Turgovishte (Bulgaria), May 2016 The production has been presented so far with over 150 shows in Bulgaria, Israel, Sweden and Turkey. Everything is yellow, even the little baby-duckling… ‘Yellow’ is a production specially created to meet the needs of very young audiences – infants and children up to 4 years old. It is created under the professional supervision of one of the most recognized Bulgarian children psychiatrists, Dr. Zrdavka Yaneva. It aims to stimulate the sensitivity and emotionality of the youngest kids, and at the same time to establish a basis for their aesthetic education. The senses of kids and the forming of their general taste in life, as well as their relationship to the arts, are very much dependent on their first interactions with the world and on their social experiences. The production ‘Yellow’ offers parents a great opportunity to secure for their small children a meeting with the art of theatre in a high-quality way, created specially for the youngest ages by two of the most respected and internationally recognized Bulgarian theatre artists. 

For her performance, Desislava Mincheva won Best Actress at the International ‘Magic Certain’ and the director Petar Todorov got the prize for Work for Kids Theatre Festival in Turgovishte/Bulgaria. 

The production is suitable for kids with mental disabilities up to 12 years old, as well. 

So far ‘Yellow’ has been presented over 150 times in Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Sweden.

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