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27.3.24 יום רביעי
Hall 3

Temporary Name

Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Temporary Name

In these days, when the ground has crumbled under my feet and my basic sense of security has evaporated, I cope with the new reality. Over the last year, the subject that has interested me most is intimacy on stage. Following the intense upheaval, we experienced on October 7th; I am trying to examine the new state we are left in. I have started reconsidering things that I took for granted, to consider what intimacy is in the context of this period.

Reality has forced me to look at and into what I am dealing with anew, to explore the changing reality from a new perspective, considering what is missing and gone. New questions arise, ones that were not present previously, about intimacy and interpersonal relationships. I ask myself how can we find intimacy, closeness, when suddenly someone is missing on the physical level or on the emotional level. What is the reach of the missing. I am exploring which types of intimacy we create in the studio and outside of it during these days of all days. How do we handle the changes and, in spite of them, find intimacy and solace. Perhaps.

Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Co-Dancers: Yulia Mejetskaya, Eyal Bromberg

Original Music: Boaz Bentur

Length of the piece: 15 minutes

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