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17.3 | 20:30

Love your pride | Separateness

The Jerusalem Project and Creative body Ensem


Love your pride

choreography: Alex Shmurak

I am me and he is gone. From the ashes they build a bridge between memory to oblivion, between courage and vulnerability, between past and future, between me to his understanding

dancers: Rivka Levi, Keren Sancho, Jasmin Meshulami, Elisheva Razvag, Sar Orenshtein, Hadassa Baranes, Rachel Baruch, Chava Engekman, Shira Martin.


Choreography: Bar Elul 

Artistic direction: Elisheva Razvag

The reality that wakes us up every time anew and validates us with the choice in life.

Dancers: Efrat Stortz, Tchiya Nachmani, Beitia Bronstein, Rachel Abulafia, Bina Silverstein, Shiral Levy, Shira Hasdai, Shelvia Valiyar, Yakira Katz, Talia Zvibel, Nava Tehila Constantine

The show is only for women

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