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14.3 | 19:00

Impro Spirala

Impro - An open stage for improvisation

"Spirala" in collaboration with Shalem Dance invites you to an evening in which you are both participants and spectators - for joint improvisation according to rotating scores set on the spot.

We meet at 19:00 for a guided warm-up, after which we will open the stage for improvisations by score, in a group, in pairs or solo. At the end of the evening we will open for a jam.

You are welcome to come even if you just want to watch. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself with the possibility of being seen, in an improvised space that is unknown in advance, meet with new bodies and play.

Come for an evening of rich creativity, improvisation, wine and other happy surprises!
(In the evening there will be a cool bar in the foyer of the complex).

For further information and registration:
Michal - 0545831644
Dafna- 0543455864

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