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4.7 | 19:30


Ivriyot Ensemble

The show is for women only.

In a time when the earth is shaking, choose to explore through the space of

relationship movements.

A collection of Hebrew women brings to the stage a sense of collectiveness,

foreignness, belonging, loneliness, longing, sharing, strength and togetherness.

Powers together on a common, intimate space, a connector, a tower, moving

between the inside and the outside and the outside to the inside.

Between rhythm and silence and bustle gathers, farm, presence.

The show combines two parts of dancing Jerusalem girls and a Hebrew ensemble

Artistic management and choreography: Yocheved Franck


Part 1 - Tehila Kuk, Nava Poupko, Tehila Atlan, Roni Golan, Gitit Bar-Or, Chen

Sharabi, Emuna Demari, Talya Ben Harush, Yiska Ashwal, Yael Asbag, Moria

Frankel, Tahel Shock and Ateret Perlmutter

Part 2 - Nahala Miryam, Shelly Godkin, Moria Avraham, Ori Misgav, Shani Har-Tov,

Naama Noyman, Daniel Singer, Tahiya Shmul, Roni German and Yocheved Franck.

Branding design: Yocheved Franck

Lighting design: Yan Ardeshnikov

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Pic by: Naama Noyman

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