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20.6.23 | 21:00


By Shahar Hanin

A collection of short stories/dances by Shahar Hanin.


Ofir Itah – The Ship; Holly
Or Sassi – The Swan
Or Saadi – The Dove
Noa Hahn – The Lying Carpet

Co-Creator/ Producer:Isaac Chocron
Light Designer: Uri Rubinstein
Light Adapter: Oded Komemi
Photo: Uri Rubinstein

Trailers: Yair Meyuhas; Shahar Hanin

Poster Illustration: Kinneret Noam

Thanks: Yaron Hanien, Marina Beltov Grass, Merav Hahn, Dana Hanin, Dor Nahum.

Supported by: The Foundation of Independent Creators – Culture Minister of Israel; Foundation of Yehoshua Rabinovitz for the Arts; Avshalom Pollak Dance Theatre; Tmuna Theatre; Habait Theatre.
Premiere: 29.10.2022

The evening follows five characters and their physical narrative, in their attempts to manage in their own worlds.

Facing different challenges, they'll have to teach themselves (again) how to move; feel; to communicate; to live and to learn what to expect from now on.

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