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31.05.23 | 21:00

A playful dance for two

By Zohar Karny

A dance-theatre piece created to Piano miniatures by the composer Sergei Prokofiev.

Two are moving together in the space between submission and violent action, between obedience and rebellion. Inside a chaotic-order they experiment through bullying, power and hierarchy. While they Chanting stories and rhyming riddles they initiate each other and draw memories of control, pain and pleasure. The act reincarnates Prokofiev's subtle yet disturbing compositional quality.

The work will be performed for the first time in its full version as part of the dance and performance hosting program of the Shalem Dance Center.

The show is suitable for ages 16+

Choreographed and directed by: Zohar Karny // Music by Sergei Prokofiev, performed by Atari Andjaparids’e and Florian Noack // Performance: Talia Gabriel and Roni Kaira // Accent and linguistics instructor: Ilana Quil // Stage director and lighting: Zohar Karny // Paintings following the performance: Dean Shani.

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