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1.8 | 20:30

Video Games

Shani Arazy

In the end, leaving the body is what serves as the opening shot for a better life - for a future in which self-fulfillment is carried out with full intention.

Deep in the consciousness of the electronic spaces, lives an abstract interaction between the present and the future. The shapes change appearance, the human sensitivity turns out to be robotic and fragmented. It is not always possible to understand what is happening through the hidden sides of existence - but at the same time, it exists under the complete control of the performing actor.

The same player, of the computer game, the sports game or the theater game - is responsible for directing the game - and performing the game.

A contemporary dance performance by Shani Arazy, which holds a female meeting - with an autonomous understanding of reality.

52 minutes

Choreography and concept: Shani Arazy

Artistic accompaniment: Aviv Keshet

Dancers: Ella Altaras, Aviv Keshet, Tamar Rosenzweig, Shani Arazy

Soundtrack: Michael Edwards

Design, poster photography and costumes: Shani Arazy

Model: Ella Altaras

Special thanks: Sofia Gendelman, Rotem Haller


Video Games

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