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20.11 | 20:30


Daniel Edvardson & Dor Frank

„Clouds“ reveal a physical, sensory and spiritual landscape that is constantly changing. Its movement and visual aesthetics also do not stop moving - between endless delicacy and existential upheaval.

In a show that explores the boundaries of the familiar and stretches them, the creator creates from the banal and the abstract a performative bubble that has from the ridiculous and colorful but also from the morbid and dark: his raw, grotesque characters, wandering in space, modeling positions clumsily, and seem to be looking for meaning and connection with the emptiness and the audience that surrounds them.

It is a search for a unique and imaginative performative being; Like clouds floating in the sky.

30th International Train Theater Festival-premier

Japan; Germany; Belgium; Denmark; Bulgaria

By Daniel Edvardson and Dor Frank

Artistic development: Nir Vidan

Text: Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim

Performers: Daniel Edvardson

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