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07.06.23 | 19:30


by Noa Turner

Can we trace the interplay between tension and release in our bodies and minds?

We understand the world around us through our senses. Ttriggered by different situations in our lives, we interpret them into one’s own unique mind; activating thoughts, that lead to emotions, that react in a physical way.

Trigger – Interpretation – Thoughts — Emotions — Act. Before – During – After.

All humans experience tension triggers in their lives. After every tension there is a release. This mechanism allows us to move our muscles, function as a surviving creature, and use our weaknesses for self-progress.

There are various ways to define tension and various ways in which tension is expressed, but tension is inseparable from release, and both are required to move and function in life.

What is the balance between tension and release in the body, soul and mind? Join us on our journey to balance tension and release in different relationships in our lives

Choreography: Noa Turner

Performers: Maayan Sinai, Gal Weinberg, Nitzan Luk, Henny Betzalel, Stav Moritz, Shira Glinka, Ofek Saada, Gilad Zeev Chaim Barach, Gali Matis, Maya Kahanov, Maya Yahav, Itamar Ehrlich

Music: Michael Wall

Invitation Design: Tamar Gallant

Lighting Design: Guy Galili

Performance Videographer: Gal Burstein

Performance Photographer: GIT PHOTOGRAPHY

Costume Design: Noa Turner

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