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07.04.22 | 21:00

ALIZA | Victims & Images

Shared evening featuring Ravid Abarbanel and Roni Chadash


A couple on a journey, deals with the challenges and fragments of thought and memory.  Two characters who live in a world that is not necessarily physical, part of which exists  only in their minds. They want to help one another, to bolster one another, to succeed  together- however, their journey together is wrought with solitude. Suddenly it is unclear  where they are going and why. Good intentions are engulfed by vast confusion.

Choreography: Ravid Abarbanel

Dancers : Tomer Giat , Ravid Abarbanel

Sound Design : Ivan Shopov

The piece was developed within the frame of Derida Dance Center’s Residency Program,  a project part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2017, with the  support of The Israeli Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The piece premiered on September 2017, at the "Shades dance" festival in Suzanne  Dellal, Tel Aviv - Israel.

Victims & Images

In today’s stage medium, both the performer and the choreographer are required to sacrifice a certain part of the belonging of the body to itself; Whether it is for the audience, for the choreographer or for the ‘shape’ / ‘image’ that the body serves.

We wonder about this “service” of the body and the desire to continue to be bound by it.

However, today, when the patterns of cliche femininity images are implanted in our bodies without our will -  is there any way to slip away? Being a body without an image? And what are the implications of the opposite situation - an image without a body?

‘Victims & Images’ premiered on November 2018 as part of Curtain Up Festival 2018, Suzanne Dellal. The piece is supported by ‘Garage21’, The Department of Arts - Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts and ‘Meever’ .


Choreography: Roni Chadash

Perfomers: Carmel Ben Asher & Roni Chadash

Dramaturgy: Yael Biegon-Citron

Artistic Advisor: Maya Brinner

Rehearsal Manager: Dana Shoval

Original Music: Noa Ayali

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ALIZA | Victims & Images

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