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2.10 | 21:00/18:00


By Michal Meg

KishCash - the largest investment company in the Middle East invites you - the members of the board of directors - to take part in a closed meeting.

A theatrical, wild and unsupervised show on the way to take over the world capital.

Artistic director and performer- Michal Meg, performer and co-creator - Yehuda Dromi, video art - Hanan Offner, costume design - Masha Lemberg, Image - Lior Tiger .Artistic consultation - Idit Herman, Haim Abramski, Hanan Anando Mars.

The show was created with the support of the Fund for Independent Creators - the Ministry of Culture and the Open House in Jerusalem for Pride and Tolerance.

Michal Mag is a multidisciplinary stage artist, director and choreographer. Combining theatre, dance and visual art, her work is characterized by alter realities that emphasize the paradoxes that constitute the social predicament.

Michal Meg is choreographer of 'Mystorin' immersive theatre group, dramaturg, curator and entrepreneur of diverse cultural events that encourage multidisciplinary creation.

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