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18.10 | 20:30

Co - Lab

Pieces by Maya Michlal Gelfand and Dana Naim Hafouta

The two choreographers join two duets into one evening:

'Bound' by Maya Michlal Gelfand

The piece discusses intimate boundaries, and asks: Is there a conflict between wanting intimacy and closeness, and at the same time desiring distance?


Choreography and performance: Maya Michlal Gelfand

Dancer: Liron Kichler

Original music: Yonatan Daskal

Costumes: Yuli Davidovich

Outside eye: Sahar Azimi

'Show Me a Wondrous Moment, Even In a Flash' by Dana Naim Hafouta

A piece for two dancers and three laptops that deals with the feeling of existential discontinuity, and it's physical and technological manifestation.


Choreography, sound and video edit: Dana Naim Hafouta

Dancer: Sharon Karp

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Co - Lab

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