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3.4 | 20:30

Oh My Electric Eye

By Dana Naim Hafouta

Three angels drop into raptures in the celestial space. They are tangled in a dizzying spinning dance, on the verge of being sucked into black holes. They see nothing, nor ground nor heavens and loss their orientation and placement. Just before entering the fourth dimension the stars and suns circling them become all-seeing electric eyes and they embrace them as prosthetic eyes. Will the cosmic cyborg vision work magically? Will the skies clear and they regain their control?

Choreography and stage concept: Dana Naim Hafouta

Dancers: Shahar Hanin, Tav Zfania, Dana Naim Hafouta

Musical editor: Or Taragan

Costumes and styling: Shelly Bormad

Graphics: Micky Matalon, Mootag Studio

Photography and Filming: Yoav Trifman, Ido Cohen

The piece was development in the Residency Program of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, in collaboration with the Choreograpers Association. Part 2 of the Duo-logy will premier in From Jaffa To Agripas Festival in summer 2024.

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Oh My Electric Eye

Photography and Filming: Yoav Trifman

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