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30.7 | 20:30


Dance works by the creators Sigal Armoza and Dorit Levy.

SELF IS by Sigal Armoza

A gathering between a curious French traveler, an ambitious young dancer, and a

choreographer who connects life and creation. Three characters, full of ambition, curiosity,

and perspective, blending one in each other, and echoing many versions of the woman I could

have been. Pain, sadness, and beauty as a reflection of our destiny as Small and broken, but

also strong and important human beings. A choreography that observes itself, inspired by "I

am the subject of the choreography" that was born exactly one year ago.

Creator and Choreographer: Sigal Armoza

Dance Collaborators: Sigal Armoza, Maya kahanov, Adrien Fried

Text: Adrien Fried, Sigal Armoza

Performance Director: Shully Tseiger

Pinafore/Dress: SHIRUETTO

Light designer: Ido Inbar

Photographic body By Dorit Levi

Brother and sister meeting to speak about movement. He is a photographer, and she is a dancer. By unique artistic dialogue they are exploring movement, each one, from his on point of view.

Choreography and performance: dorit levi

Lecturer, photographer, and creator: Eli Atias

Performance & Artistic Director: Eveline ifrach

Light designer: Ido Inbar

The work was created with the support of the Lottery Council for Culture and Art.

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